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Model train and supplies

Where to find the best deals on model trains and supplies?

Here you will find other great Model train & accessory suppliers waiting to help you create a better layout. Only quality businesses are allowed to advertise on our site.  We highly recommend visiting and and all the sites listed below to find exactly what you need for a fair price and RECEIVE quality service EVERY TIME.
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These are the best of the best!

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Suppliers listed on our site have been graded by : Customer Service Quality, Selection, Quality of Product and Value.  Grading is on a 1 – 5 scale.  5 being the highest rating we give.


Model Train Stuff

This is one of the oldest train and accessory suppliers in the country.  Established in 1915.  A truly one-stop shop for the model railroader. Grade: 4.6

Midwest Model Railroad

Midwest Model Railroad

Over 15,000 items in stock and ready to ship within 1 day. Grade: 4.7

Check out their N Scale building prices! WOW! 

Strasburg Train Shop

Strasburg Train Shop

Our store is a 2,000+ Square Foot Model Railroader's paradise located in Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Grade: 4.5

Woodland Scenics

Perhaps the most well-known name in the business when it comes to scenery building for your model train layout. Grade: 4.8


One of the best well rounded websites for the model train enthusiasts.  You will be glad you visited them. Grade: 4.6

Scale City Designs

Specializing in O Scale items. We recommend their O Scale Golfers to go with our O Scale Automated Golf Course. - item # 48-1310 (woman golfer) - item#  48-1309 (male golfer) Grade: 4.5


We are proud to have this fine business listed on our site.  Do you want quality and great service? You will find it here! Grade: 4.6


Very popular site with just about anything you need.  Check out this site! Grade: 4.7

Model Railroad Marketplace

Very popular site with just about anything you need.  Check out this site! Grade: 4.8

Tower Hobbies

A site with a fine assortment of trains and accessories. Grade: 4.5


A site with a large assortment of trains and accessories. Grade: 4.5