About C & C Automations

The people at C & C Automations are always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance your model train layout.  Specializing in N, HO, O & G Scale, we also work with many customers in other scales as well.
Creating custom model railroad animations is what we do.  Just about anything you can think of is possible given the time and resources to do your R & D homework. The most important aspect of the animation is how it is automated.  There should be extremely little or no visible sign of how it has been automated.  It's movements and actions must appear natural.
From custom items to coffee table N Scale layouts, we design many unique and hard to find items to give your layout that special look!  Yes, we even make functioning water fountains using real water!

Most items we can ship, (US addresses only).  Other items you can see at our booth at the Daytona Flea Market or perhaps at a local show.
Every week we review request sent to us to develop new products for specific layouts. Have a unique idea for your layout? Let us know!  Check out our New Products page for latest updates.  Not all our products are automation.  Some are designed to simply make your model railroad layout easier to create.
We have designers from the model railroad industry with over 50 years experience in design and engineering fields and have worked in over 30 countries around the world.


We are all about making your layout as unique as possible!