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C and C Model Railroad Automations

is America's largest model train custom automation company.  We only service American model railroaders.

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Animation refers to the capacity to bring things to life through
movement.   Automation refers to the replacement of human bodies with
mechanical labor.

Model railroad animation ideas?

We are always adding new automated / animated items in all scales.  

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Model Railroad Automation Items

We bring animation to your model railroad layout through automation.  Animation of any object on your layout should have little or no noticeable signs of how it has been automated.  For example, the model train that runs on your track is an animation because it gives the sense of a real train as it moves past an ever changing landscape.  The automation is the system in which makes it capable of doing just that without any visible outside source helping it move.  As a train approaches a crossing signal, lights begin to flash.  The flashing lights are animation, the switches and sensors make up the automation aspect. Automation & Animation are not the same, yet  together they are an excellent example of Cause and Effect. 

Animation (s) plays an important role in your layout design.  Some may be subtle, while others may be considered by some as extreme.  ( a functioning landslide could be considered extreme).  

We have designers from the model railroad industry with over 50 years experience in design and engineering fields and have worked in over 30 countries around the world.

G Scale animated Fiddler

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                             Owned & Operated by  American Vets !

Find NEVER before seen products to enhance your model railroad layout. Enjoy Animation through Automation of any scale model train layout. 

None of our projects require electronic nor coding knowledge of any kind to use.  Animation and automation has been brought down to its most simplistic form for ease of use and reliability.

We bring your model train layout to new levels.  Custom automations for the model railroader found nowhere else is where we excel. Check out our website to view past and current projects. See something you like? Send us an email and we can begin automating your layout today! When people see motion other than just a model train moving, it brings amazement to a new level.

From Water Fountains (w/real water) to Automated Golf Courses, we can do just about anything you need.  Need hunters shooting at wild ducks (while flying)?  We have done that too! Specializing in never before seen automation to enhance any model train layout. Upcoming Summer items include; Rotating Antennae Dishes, Helicopters w/spinning blades and take-off/landing, Automated Tanks, Harrier rising over a mountain and more!

Owned and operated 100% by American vets from C&C Automations


Creating a one of a kind layout requires careful planning and the most realistic experience possible.  Just because something has not been done before, doesn't mean it can't be.   We believe in pushing the limits.  Making your model railroad as real and as unique as possible. 

Animation through Automation is the key to an extraordinary experience.  Don't settle for cheap looking plastic cookie cutter motionless props again.  We receive emails often for requests to automate many different aspects of modelers' layouts.  Some were simple, most were not.  In the end, their layout was greatly improved. 


N Scale Biker w/lights

N Scale motorcycle with lights

Animated HO & O Scale Figures

Animated HO & O Scale Figures